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How to automatically start SW when computer boots up?

Question asked by Matt Walston on Jul 28, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2014 by Christopher Estelow

I'm in a scenario where I'm remoting into my machine, and I need solidworks to be running BEFORE I connect remotely.  This is related to the OpenGL issue.  If someone is at my machine and they log in as me, and start solidworks, and THEN I connect to the machine, the system runs using the host computer graphics hardware. However, if I connect and then start solidworks, it opens with OpenGL.


I've tried setting up autologin and putting SW in the startup folder, but it still waits until I connect to start.


I also tried starting from the registry.


I also tried using the windows task scheduler... this one starts a process named sldworks.exe, but it never produces the splash screen or shows any indication of running.


Any and all help greatly appreciated!!!