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Dispatch glitch on folder card data retrieval...  need help.

Question asked by Dominic Nelson on Jul 28, 2014

Ok, so i have what we are calling an "Engineering File Folder" in our company vault.



I have a template that will create a "Product Folder" It has a template card that transfers "Show Tab 1" and "Show Tab 2" variables onto the Folder cards.


This works fine variables show in explorer and on folder card.  So I am assuming they are in the database correctly.


Here are the Folder Card Variables and settings...




Note that the folder card variables are not hidden, not read only or have contols set on them. 


I have set these to Updates all configs, but when i save, close and reopen, it shows unchecked.  I'm assuming because it's a folder.


Now, I have a Covert task that converts a slddrw into a pdf and places it in the correct folder based on product number.  If the product folder exists (because we made it alreay with a template) it places it in that folder. 


If the product folder does not yet exist, the convert task makes the folder structure.  Seeing Convert only places the file and does not set folder card variables. I have a basic workflow set up that puts the PDF in a state of "filed"  and a dispatch script that sets the product folders variables with the correct values it would normally create via the template, when it hits that state.  this script works fine.


MY ISSUE:  I am making a separate dispatch script that will update the folder card variable values in the product folder, as well as all nested folders.


When I make a dispatch variable, to pull the values of "Show Tab 1" and "Show Tab 2" from the folder card I want to update, even though it shows all the data correctly in the explorer, dispatch glitches somehow. and does not pull the variable values from the card. 


Whats even more odd is is it give different results if the floder was made from template or from convert task.


I made a simpler script , just to show values....  Note the @  is where i used @ in the config, the others were blank, as @ should not apply to a folder...



Results from convert task created folder...   BLANK


Show Tabs Convert.JPG


Results from Template created folder...   N/A


Show Tabs Template.JPG


Why is this happening?  should it not be pulling the same data from the database???