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    Releasing files?

    Gary Lucas

      In Solid Edge files for purchased parts that never change could be released. This kept you from inadvertently modifying a part or assembly. It also meant that SE stopped wasting time looking potential changes.


      So what is the SW equivalent, and how should it be applied?



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          Deepak Gupta

          Create/Download the required component. Now save that under a library and set that as read only. You may also set the folder to read only and only allow admin to change the component if required.

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            John Burrill

            Gary, what you're describing is usually handled by the PDM system in use.

            In Workgroup PDM, for example, you can specify network locations for off-the-shelf items that you don't want to be revision controled and the software will exclude those files from vault check-in and render them read-only when users open assemblies referencing them.

            One down side is that you're pulling files over the network and if you've got a lot of them along with many users, your system can really bog down and become unstable. 

            Another is that a lot of work gets lost when an engineer tries to modify a library component to add materials or meta-data or just improvments to it and the work gets lost because the changes are automatically discarded by the PDM system.  In this case, I thought controling the library items in the vault-even if they didn't figure into the ECO process was a lot easier for everyone.

            Other PDM systems take a different approach to this issue.  EPDM has different workflows for different document types, so an off-the-shelf item may have a simple administrator edit workflow without versioning.   Automanager Teamwork and Meridian have similar capabilites

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                Gary Lucas


                I am kind of surprised by this, that using Read Only is the only mechanism to do this. When working with SE we avoided using Read Only because it had lots of gotchas.  What happens when the file formats change with new versions of SW?  Do the read only parts made in an older version forever get translated when they load? SE has an open/ close macro that will run through the library and update all the files. However that was something that wouldn't work if you used Read Only.

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                    John Robert Burrill

                    The read-only flag is only applied by the PDM system.  You can access the files for read-write access by unloading the PDM plug-in and run the the update tool in task scheduler.  It was still a mess with no clear advantage over just checking the files into the vault.