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    Separate views by layers

    Raul Borobio



      I just started designing with SW a couple of months ago and I'm still working on the workflow. I need to match my old workflow and I have some troubles.


      Well, I work 90% on sheetmetal parts. The last step I do is to send the flat pattern of the assembly in a combo dxf with separated layers. Our machining colleages takes that dxf and their soft recognizes the parts by layers.


      For making it possible, I prepared a drawing sheet (the paper size is the max. size for a sheet metal e.g. 3000x1500 mm) containing all flat pattern views from the assembly in a 1:1 scale. Then I separate all parts by layers, renaming them to match part name and layer name. I tried it and I got it, but now in a real workflow I am getting some troubles trying to separate by layers two configurations from one sheetmetal part. I can't! When I change one view to other layer, the other one view from the same part (not the same config.) also changes layer.


      Is it possible to get two views from a part in different layers?


      Thank you in advance.