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SolidWorks walkthrough animation question

Question asked by Chelsea Dietrick on Jul 28, 2014



I am looking into creating a walkthrough animation of a substation assembly we have in SolidWorks.  I have attached a picture of the type of model we are working with.  I have begun looking into the camera function and it seems somewhat complicated.  Ideally, we would have a file where it walks you through the site, and you can pause and look around/zoom at any time, and then resume the walkthrough.  Does anyone know of a simpler way of doing this?  I have looked into some third party applications that might be more user-friendly so that someone with little to no SolidWorks experience could manipulate the model for a presentation.  Does the SolidWorks viewer (eDrawings) have any functionality like this?  I know we have created 3D pdf's in the past, so maybe it could be done similar to that?


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assembly sketch.png