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a sharing violation occured while accessing an unnamed file- and other simulation issues

Question asked by John Rhodes on Jul 25, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2014 by Jared Conway

I'm a previous ANSYS user (from a while ago) and I'm going to be using solidworks simulation in my next job. 


I'm really disappointed in the quality of the simulation software.  I've got installed on three different computers (multiple times on each computer to make sure it's installed right), and I've had nothing but issues with simulation.  This is a total opposite of the the modeling environment, which is works very nicely.


Everything was going well, when suddenly, my simulation wouldn't run.  After meshing, it gave the error "Midside nodes on two edges of an element are merged, element: (reducing mesh tolerance or specifying a higher no. of points for Jacobian check for meshing may help)". 


So, I messed around with the mesh settings.  No luck.  I removed most of model to see if I could still run any simulation, when I got the error message "A Sharing violation occured while accessing an unnamed file".  Then, it stopped solving, but the solver window didn't close, so I couldn't do anything else.  When I closed SW, the solver window stayed open, but I couldn't close it without going to task manager and ending it.


Right there, there were three bugs, the error message that is only meaningful to the SW programming team, the fact that solving can end without closing the window which leaves solidworks in a state that it needs to be restarted, the solving window does not close when SW closes, and the solving window can enter a state where it cannot be closed without going to task manager.


My questions are: why do the two errors occur, how do I fix them, and should I just use ANSYS 2007 instead?  I'm doing very basic simulation, but I have no desire to waste hours of my life fighting crap software.