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    Hole callout vs. cosmetic thread smart dimension of a threaded Straight Pipe Tapped Hole created using hole wizard

    Salih Alani



      What would you expect to see, when smart dimension the cosmetic thread of the straight pipe tapped hole? Would you expect the hole nomenclature (nominal size) or the actual size of the hole cosmetic thread?


      In Drawing, when using hole callout (callout.png ) to dimension a threaded straight pipe tapped hole versus smart dimension the hole cosmetic thread (cosmetic.png), SOLIDWORKS exhibits an inconsistent behavior among the standards.


      For example, when smart dimension the cosmetic thread of a straight pipe tapped hole using DIN standard, the dimension shows the nomenclature (nominal size) of the hole as in the hole callout see fig(1). Other standards, such as (ISO, BSI and ANSI) show the actual cosmetic thread diameter when dimension the cosmetic thread of the hole which is different from the whole callout see fig (2)













































      Figure-1 Straight pipe tapped hole DIN












































      Figure-2 Straight pipe tapped hole ANSI



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      Salih Alani