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    Duplicate parts

    Chris Scheer

      I have a part (a piece of pipe) in my assembly that I want to use multiple times in various locations at different lengths.  I've inserted the component multiple times.



      Everytime I edit the length (extrude feature) of one pipe, it affects the others.



      Is there a way to "break" the relationship between multiple duplicate parts so I can edit them all different, or should I be doing this a different way all together .



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          Mike Agan

          read up on configurations

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              Derek Parks

              I second what Mike said. Also I would recommend you making it a toolbox part when you complete it. If a part is going to be used in multiple assemblies by possibly multiple people you will want it in the toolbox. Otherwise if you get someone that doesn't know what they are doing and changes say the 12" configuration to a 20" pipe that is going to cause same major issues.


              As far as changes to length when you edit your length in your extrude or sketch make sure you are checking "this configuration only" or it will effect your whole part file. I am assuming this is a pipe that isnt already available in your toolbox, but if you are not familiar with the toolbox check there first becuase there is a few pipe types in there.