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    Handling Change Notices

    L Young
      I'm at a point where my workflows are setup and everything is fine, but I'm trying to decide how I am going to handle revisions.

      The current issue I have is that in order for a revision to be made within PDMWE (using a transition), a file must be checked in. The problem with that is the revision block in a drawing. I can't very well update the revision block when a file is read-only.

      I was thinking about updating the revision of a part before checking it out, but we'll run into problems if we decide not to make a change to a part.

      I am trying to make this as simple as possible for the user. How do you currently handle revisions and ECNs?

      All comments welcome.

        • Handling Change Notices
          L Young
          16 views and noone has any comments?

          From what I can tell, and please correct me if I am wrong, but the only way to really handle ECN's is to role your own solution. (API) I'm a touch frustrated and disappointed that something marketed as being available out of the box is not.

          It's a Good Thingtm that there is a good API for PDMWE!
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            Jeff Mirisola
            We keep things simple here...

            Part/assembly and their respective drawings are checked out (with ownership being taken). Changes are made. After approval, everything is checked back in, thereby revving everything. If the changes aren't approved, local files are deleted and ownership is released.
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                L Young

                Jeff Mirisola wrote:


                After approval, everything is checked back in, thereby revving everything.

                And how do you reflect those changes in your revision block (assuming you include one in your drawings) without checking the file back out to place the note, and then checking them back in?

                Therein lies the problem for me; too many steps needed to make a change.

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                Joy Garon
                Hi L Young-

                Update the attributes that require updating via the workflow via an action on the transition. (see attached image).

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                    L Young
                    I understand that it is possible to update the attributes using the workflow. The problem with that is the process:

                    • Checkout part and dwg to make the change

                    • Make the change

                    • Check in the files so that the revision in the vault and the user defined rev is up-reved.

                    • Check out the drawing again to update the revision block.

                    • Check in the drawing once more using a different transition.

                    So, I decided to make my own app. All I have to do now is search for the part, the app checks the part and drawing out, I make my change, then submit the ECN. The revision block is automatically updated with the revision and the description contains the ECN number and a link to the Word document the app makes.

                    For each part/drawing, the app creates references to the Word document containing the ECN information.

                    The user then places the revision symbols on the drawing. The user then has the option of emailing the ECN and drawing as a PDF.

                    I'm still working out some kinks, but it works pretty well.

                    Now, how would I go about doing all that with the workflow?