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Curved lines on imported bodies are displayed incorrectly in sketches, assemblies, and renders.

Question asked by John Rhodes on Jul 26, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2014 by Jerry Steiger

So I'm a beginning SolidWorks user coming from using Unigraphics in the past.  I've got my old job back with CAD , and this time, we're using SolidWorks.  So far, it's been an awesome experience. 


I am having one issue.  I'm bringing in our old parts library, which includes some generic parts that I've been using for ages.  I exported them as a STEP file from the unigraphics machine, and I imported them into solidworks. 


There's one problem.  Some small ( <1" in length) curves of radius 2.5" aren't showing up as curves but instead as a straight line.  If I make a sketch there and "convert entities", it shows up correctly as a curve.  I can also constrain stuff to be concentric to it, so SW knows it's curved.  Also, you can't focus on it by clicking on the straight edge, you must click where the curved line would be if it were shown correctly.


I thought it was just a graphics setting, so I turned up everything, and still, it appeared to be a straight line.  I tried rendering the part, and it showed up as a line in the render too.


Redrawing the exact same pattern in SW results in the proper curve being shown.  Only on the imported body does it show up as a line.


I really need help with this.  I need to be able to tell what is a line and what is a curve.  I really do not want to waste hours redrawing everything.


Attached are pictures showing the issue.  The part used is my desired part recreated in SW, exported as STEP, then imported into SW.  There is a sketch that shows the misalignment, and there is a final render.  Also, the picture with the line highlighted shows where I had to click (orange plus) to get it to show the line.  The bottom toolbar is shown so you can see SW knows it's a curve.