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    Exploded View balloons pointing into space

    Herman Lau



      The picture attached speaks exactly the problem I have.


      In an exploded view I am doing, I cannot seem to point to any of the objects in the exploded view accurately.  All the components seems to float just a little above where they appear on the drawing.  The balloon is pointing to the right object, it just appears to be in a different location.


      I have tried to turn off Perspective as suggested by another gent here but it did nothing.  I tried force rebuild, I tried restarting my computer, restarting solidworks, a new drawing, but it did not solve my issue.


      Anyone have had this issue before and can chime in to exactly why this happens?  and How to solve this?


      This is the first time I've seen this happen and I have worked with a lot of exploded views before, none of my colleges have seen this problem before.

      Interesting to note this model is built by our designer in China. 


      This is on Solidworks 2014 Sp.2.0


      Thank you.