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Problem With Propeller Flow Simulation

Question asked by Robert McGonigal on Jul 24, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2014 by Txon Aguirre



I am trying to perform a flow simuilation of of a propeller with an incoming velocity of 51.33 ft/s and angular velocity of 2575 rpm. I created a cyclinder around the propeller to use as the rotating region and made sure that the component control includes only the propeller and not the rotating region.


However, when I run the analysis, my velocity profiles are wrong. I am getting little to no velocity on the back side of the propeller (the side where thrust should be generated)


I have run a seperate tutorial with the same model used in the tutorial with success, I just cannot get it to work with my propeller.


I have tried changing the angular velocity, axis of rotation, turbulence intensity, number of blades (2), removing the incoming velocity, all with no luck.


Here is a link to the tutorial which I followed for the propeller used in the tutorial with success.


Also, attached is the solidworks file of my propeller design.



The propeller model





Maps of Velocities