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The 3d spline curve is self-intersecting

Question asked by Alan Thomason on Jul 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2014 by Alan Thomason

I import XY points quite often to create camshaft profiles, but recently had an issue that I can't explain.  The files are typically 360 sets of points, this time I received the error indicated in the subject line above.  I am stumped as to why this should be an issue. 


I have reduced the file down to 4 sets of points in which I can turn the problem off and on.  I can speculate as to why the import does not work properly, but I would like to know for certain or better yet have a way of mathematically identifying where a dataset would would be problematic so that I could identify / fix it before I spend an entire afternoon finding the problem by empirically deleting half the dataset at a time.


Thanks in advance...