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Change model in drawing

Question asked by Joe Kuzich on Jul 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2014 by Einar Gulbrandsen

I have a drawing in folder  'JobName' where I mistakenly created some parts and assemblies.  I created a sub folder in 'JobName' called SW Stuff.  I couldn't just move the files because I lack permission.  I did a "save as" putting everything in 'SW Stuff', then changed the original file names to 'FileName delete'.  I finished the models and then did the drawing.  Since I access the drawing often and its the most current record, I keep that in 'JobName'.  Everything was great, until I had to make changes to one of the assemblies. 


For some reason it no longer references the correct version in 'SW Stuff' but the older version with a changed name in 'JobName'.  I thought changing the file name would keep it from grabbing the wrong file but it does not, I even tried shutting it all down and changing the file name again.  The strange thing is that the detail in the drawing shows the dimensions (without errors on them) that would only be present on the new file. 


Is there a way to force it to look at the correct file without having to redo all my notes and dimension?


ps. I would have tried moving (then deleting) the wrong files but couldn't without permission.  The only 2 guys who can, are both out for a couple day.