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simple question regarding keeping holes inline on sketch w/o having to dimension each one when changing one dimension

Question asked by Dave Krum on Jul 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2014 by Dave Krum

Good morning all,

I have a simple question regarding sketching which is probably trivial but has been stumping me for a while.  When sketching holes on a part, I usually use hole wizard, but if I wanted to sketch the holes right within the same sketch as the perimeter for example, I usually sketch one hole then use implying and copy them in x and y locations.  But then later if I need to change the gage I need to change each hole dimension off the edge of plate.  Is there a way to set a whole line of holes so if I change the dimension from the edge of plate, they will all move together?  Right now in the part I've attached, I would have to change each dimension in the "y" direction, for example on the first row of holes, in order for them all the go to the new dimension.  I'm sure there is a very simple answer but I've googled and wasn't sure what to type in for a hit on this issue.  I'd like to just sketch all the holes and only have to dimension vertically to one of the holes in the first row, then if I have to change the dimension later, they will all move to new dimension.  Thanks!