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Plot stress along defined line (2)

Question asked by Clemence Wiart on Jul 23, 2014
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I have already posted a similar question a couple of weeks back, and it was successfully answered. I thought the method that worked for my other problem would work for another issue I'm having (later explained) but unfortunately not. So here I am again, hoping that some lovely folks will help me out once more!


I am applying torsion at a notched, cylindrical specimen (cf image 1). I would like to plot the resulting stress along a defined line, this time going through the specimen from the bottom of the notch to the other side, at the bottom of the notch as well (images 2 and 3).




Or, if it is any simpler, from the center of the cylinder to the bottom of the notch.


Pay no attention to the terrible meshing, I just took these screenshots quickly just to give an idea of what I'd like to do.


If I'm not explaining this well, or if you have any questions please ask me, this is getting quite urgent and Solidworks is getting frustrating!


Thank you in advance for your time