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Query to generate a report of drawing that needs updating/rebuild

Question asked by Robert Pereira on Jul 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2014 by Andries Koorzen

Hi all


I have a customer whose managing their designs in an EPDM vault, however they do not transition the parts and assemblies upon approval only the drawings.


Upon approval the check-out rights of the drawings are removed. The problem is that any changes made to the model after the drawing has been approved needs to be rebuild in the drawing which they are 100% willing to do manually but the problem is they need to be able to find out which drawing to rebuild. (As there are thousands)


Now before anyone responds and tells that it is a crappy way to do it, agree with that. The fact is that the reason they do it like that is somewhat valid.


Basically all I need is a query (or something) that I can run to give me a report of drawings that needs to be rebuild.


Has anyone done something like that?