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Drawing view is not normal to flat pattern body but to a different body

Question asked by Victor Felix Jundis on Jul 22, 2014
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I'm looking for a solution. SW2012 SP3.0 Win7 prof 64bit. The part is a multibody. When creating a flat pattern drawing, the view generated is normal to a different body, resulting in just "side"  view of the flat pattern. Bend lines and notes in the properties can be checked to shown but in the drawing view, not visible. Base flange is created with profile extrusion so the resulting body has no "added bend" to it. Second body is perpendicular, again with extruded profile. In the drawing when selecting body and generating flat pattern, the view generated is folded profile of the selected body viewed on the side (looking normal to the unselected body). Openning the part from the view reveals a wrong body being flattened. Fixing it (suppressing the wrong flat pattern, unsuppressing the correct one) and going back to drawing, the part is now flatten but still the view is normal to the wrong body. VAR is not much help because we are not on service but only suggest to send the files to SW for them to fix it. Tried the files in SW2014, same result. I did not come across from the forum similar problem, only a mention of related problem with wrong view flat pattern. This is not a case of "fixed face problem", having tried that. I noticed on some unrelated parts that adding an edge flange and deleting it, somehow trick SW to treat the part as sheetmetal. VAR recognised this as an issue of SW2012 but I am surprised it's not much discussed in the forums. This was never an issue before so couldn't blame how part was created in this approach.



multibody a.JPGmultibody drawing flat view.JPGwhat the view is reading.JPG