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    graphics driver not in database

    Mike Waumsley

      Good afternoon all,


      We have been using Soildworks 2010 now for well 4 years, and we have been very happy with it but havent really seen a need to upgrade as we simlpy can not justify the cost.


      So I was very supprised to find today that solidworks is now "causing a problem" at start up and RX states:


      Your current graphics card/driver combination is not in the SolidWorks systems/graphics card database.


      This is pretty strange as the laptop we run it on remains unchanged and the graphics driver is also unchanged.


      A check for the correct driver on SW website reveales that on windows 7 64bit is being supported. We are ans always have run Windows 7 32bit.


      Is there a work around for this error?


      We are now at a stop because of this fault.


      Thanks for any help.

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          Jeff Mirisola

          It would help to know what your computer specs are, beyond the OS. Also, the average life span of an engineering laptop is probably 2-3 years, depending on level of (ab)use. It could be that your graphics card is going bad as well.

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              Mike Waumsley

              Hi Jeff,


              the laptop is a panasonic toughbook Cf-52 i5 M520@2.4GHz, 4MB, 500MB SSD. Display addaptor Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD.


              We only run Toughbooks others are dead in a few months. The machine itself is in perfect health and we have no issues with any other software, eplan, curvy 3D..... everything is good.

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                  Jeff Mirisola

                  I think what has happened is 4 years of luck has run out. The graphics card isn't, and never was, supported so the fact that you haven't had any issues is remarkable. 

                  I agree with Anna that a Windows update may have hosed your install. Whether or not you can come back from it, I don't know. Rolling back the driver may work...

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                      Mike Waumsley

                      Thanks for the reply. I guess I am in for another 4 years of luck!


                      I didnt rollback the driver, I decided that as it hasnt changed I might dig a bigger hole.


                      Instead I followed Anna's train of thought and started pull out the latest windows (AUTO) updates and after a lot of waiting, SW is happy again. As I removed the updates in batches so I am not sure which is causing the problem. I will track it down and post here for any other unlucky users.


                      Thanks for your input.

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                  Anna Wood

                  Has Windows Update installed a new graphics card driver recently?





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                      Mike Waumsley

                      I think you might be on to something there Anna but I am not sure if its a Windows update that has caused the problem or could it be the auto update for SW.


                      As SW looks to have dropped 2010 and Windows 7 32 from its supported drivers.


                      The current dirver is dated: 18/12/2009 version so it does not look like any update has been implimented.


                      I do however have the rollback option available which is strange. I might give this a go just to see what happens!