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Working with / through Save Bodies errors

Question asked by Angela Bamblett on Jul 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2014 by Mark Biasotti

Hi, community,


I have a massive Save Bodies problem, but the question boils down to this: If the Save Bodies gets confused, broken and unlinked from the PART files it created, is there a way to manually go in and recreate all the body links?


I have a Master that feeds out to ~15 parts. This morning, a new SW user was in the Master and tried to "save out" a new body by deselecting all of the bodies except the new one. Now I have ~15 parts with broken Master links, so I tried to go back in and reselect those bodies to add to the Save Bodies feature. But I'm getting a menagerie of errors, including the most alarming:


"Document <blahblah.sldprt> is not related to the feature being edited. Please attach the solid body to another document."


Yes, it really is related. In fact, it has a dozen features based on the Master body that I don't want to lose.


Is there any way to force these broken links back into shape?