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Edge Grid On Drawings

Question asked by Cad Man on Jul 22, 2014
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I hope I am not asking a question that has been beat to death, or is already explained somewhere. I have googled to no avail for a bit now, so here goes:


What I am trying to do is to put the good old numbers and letters (Edge Grids) on my drawings.  I have a template that does this, but the problem is, when i go to a second, third , (some packages have hit 50+) drawing page the numbers do not update.  Along the bottom of page one is numbered 1 thru 8, sheet 2 should be numbered 9 thru 16, and each page such increase accordingly.  I have tried to creat a custom property for the (8) numbers along the bottom edge as Grid 1, grid 2, .... etc and try to use the custom property to be $PRP:"SW-Current Sheet(Current Sheet)" * 1 respectivly to make happen, but cannot seem to make that work. the customy property shows up in the link field list, but simply shows as 1 * 1 in the text box (for page 1 grid 1)  Also I noted that during editing of the drawing template the equation writer is greyed for me.  I am kind of at an impass here, and was hoping someone would know a clever way to resolve this.


If you do not update the edge grid, EVERY page has a the same grid, so telling a shop person to go look at detail B-5 , that designation appears on every page, so it would have to be communicated to look for B-5 on page 4, where as if it is done properly, I would simply convey to check Detail B-29, and then a quick scan, (or someone who can multiply by 8) whould instanly know what page and what drawing view to go to.


Thanks in advance, and I do apologize if this is one of those blindingly obvious answers that i have looked over a dozen times now.