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    Hidden Body Issue Using Macro

    Paul Ryan

      I have a macro that extracts the Mass Properties of every part/assembly in a master assemby if it is not suppressed or hidden.  I do this by using "Application.SldWorks.ActiveDoc.GetComponents(False)" which gives me a full listing of the assembly tree.  Using this list I first send it through IComponent2.GetSuppression and ICompenet2.IsHidden(False) to determine if it is a hidden or suppressed item.  The issue is if a parent is hidden, the children are technically hidden as well in the assembly, but the API returns that is shown (even though the parent is hidden).  For example given a sub-assembly P1 which is hidden and whose children are not isHidden(false) returns the following results:


      Root/P1 --> True

      Root/P1/C1 --> False

      Root/P1/C2 --> False

      Root/P1/C2/A1--> False




      What is the best way to overcome this?