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Template custom property fields not updating in drawing view when creating a new drawing with populated variables.

Question asked by Graham Wells on Jul 22, 2014

Dear all,


The need arose for new templates to be created to streamline the drawing process in our office to avoid manually entering generic information that could be drawn down from information provided in higher stages of the project setup. Some of these properties were, drawing number, title, project name, project number, author, creation date etc..


From the PDM side I created a folder card, and a file card for the various part/assy/drawing files. The folder card holds the project name and project number info which is automatically pulled through to any of the file types created within the said folder.


When creating a new drawing, I place a view of a model into it and save. The drawing file card generates and displays all the correct information I am looking for. ie: Drawing number from the file name, the title from the description manually added in the model itself. The aforementioned values update automatically upon saving and display immediately in the drawing. However, some values such as, the project name (folder card property), the project number (folder card property), author (user initial list from PDM) write their respective and correct values into the custom properties window, but the view on the drawing itself remains as the default value which I have set to "-".


In other words, the custom property window displays an overwritten default value of "-" (ie "-" becomes "project x" for project name) for the various fields with the correct information but does not update this information into the drawing view.


For the update to take place 1 of 3 things must occur:


  • I rebuild the document.
  • I edit the sheet format.
  • I reload the sheet format from the drawing properties window.


Once either of the 3 functions above are performed the values update and everything is happy.


I have tried creating brand new sheets and copying and pasting the sheet format lines/text from the old templates etc onto the new sheet. Going through the template creation, drawing creation steps but this does not help either.


Anyone have any bright ideas for me?


Thank you in advance.