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Displacement on a Press Plate Issue in Nonlinear

Question asked by Megan Derwich on Jul 22, 2014
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I am really new at that nonlinear simulations and I am having some issue with making a press plate move down on to my part. My project is taking a lid to a cup and applying it to a cup using a press plate (similar to a top down compression test). I currently have it cut in half, so I can have a higher mesh, because of this I have semmetry on all the 3 of the part in the assembly.  When I have my mesh on draft quality, my displacement on the press plate would push the lid down and on to the cup, However, when I changed my mesh from draft quality to normal mesh quality the displacement on my press plate goes from moving 17 mm plus to moving 1.2 mm. This is the video I have with draft quality mesh lid application



Here are my current setting, fixtures, and warning that I have on my parts.

fixture tree.PNG

On Flate Faces -2 Translations: x-0mm, y--15mm, z-0mm

On Flate Faces - 3 Translations: x-0mm, z-0mm

On Flate Face - 4 Translations: x- 0mm, y-0mm, z- 0mm

Properties.PNGAdvanced Properties.PNG

The warning I get when I am running the simulation is Max. allowable iteration increased by 5, and PCDLSSO102: Assembled Stiffness.

Can I get some help with why my displacement changes and does not push my press plate into my lid in the non-draft quality mesh.


Thank you.