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Setting Trailing zeros in dimension styles

Question asked by Phillip Haley on Jul 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2014 by Peter Cram

As a company we use the number of decimal places to indicate a tighter genral tolerance on detail drawings. So a dimension X.00mm would be a tighter tolerance than just Xmm.

I would like to set up a dimension style that shows 2 decimal places with trailing zeros shown, I could then set the basic dimension style to have 'smart' trailing zeros in 'Options' and then set any dims that need a tighter tolerancer using the dim style.


At present I can only manage to set the basic dimension style to give me 2 decimal places with trailing zeros shown which then means I have to change most of my dimensions to show fewer decimal places. Alternatively I can set the decimal places in 'options' to be zero with trailing zeros shown and use a 2 decimal place dimension style but I run the risk of missing any dimensions that are not whole numbers as anything after the decimal point does not appear.