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Workgroup implementation

Discussion created by Prashant Joshi on Mar 10, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2007 by Kenneth Barrentine
We recently purchased and installed PDMWW and need help in implementation and organization. I have read posts that suggest number of files in a project should be limited to 200-500. We have several product lines with several hundreds of parts under each. How should we structure the files? If we have a high level project (for every product line) with a project folder for every part number, will all the files in all the sub-folders cause a slowdown for the top level folder?

Is there published PDMWW documentation/guidelines/user manual from SW that will help us understand these possible issues? Where can I get them?

What has been the best training method for admins to understand PDMWW? If things go wrong, how easy/difficult is it to reorganize?

We would like to use PDMWW for document approvals and release. Depending upon product line, a document requires different approvals (number of people and departments). Is it possible to set different release requirements?

Any suggestions on PDMWW implementation are welcome.

Thank you.