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Has anyone called a Task from their own API?

Question asked by Robert Maillet on Jul 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2014 by Robert Maillet

I have a nice API that is doing a lot of things. One user has asked me to help him with batch creating DXFs for any assembly he selects. Easy I thought.


1) Use the Convert task that I already have set up, out of the box functionality is prefererd.

2) Using the BOM tab on a datacard, right click all the child parts - nope can't execute a task from a right click here plus not showing the slddrws anyways,

2) Use an advanced search to bring up all the related items... fildering on SLDDRWs? Nope... can't seem to get that working. This would be clean if I could produce a BOM of all drawings that allows you to right click on the files.

2) How about using my own add-in to navigate the bom, I am doing this for batch plotting (PDFs) and executing shell commands to adobe etc... but instead of executing shell commands why not call the out of the box Convert Task direct from my own API to do the heavy lifting?


Ideally I envision passing the name of the Task and a document ID and as long as I don't have user interactions set up, think this might work?


The other ave is to use my API and call SolidWorks directly... perhaps copying the Script from the Advanced Scripting??


Any Thoughts?


Thanks, Rob