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Help needed for a project.

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Hi all,



We are a company(Troxel) that designs and produces equestrian safety helmets for horseback riding. At the present time, we are in the process of designing a

new product that requires a completely new top shell, for which we already have done most of the top shell's design in its designated CAD file.


However, we currently do not have in house the CAD capability that is required for completing the top shell's CAD file. Therefore, we are looking to outsource  our CAD work

to an expert who is capable of solving the issues we have on hand.


The goal of our current CAD work is to enlarge 2 separate top shell designs for which we want to offset each by 1.0 mm. Our current supplier from China encountered

some problems within the CAD file  that do not permit thickening of the surfaces after are offset. Thus we need an expert who can help us solve the above issue.


I have attached one file (the other one being similar) for a person who is interested in working on this project. Please contact me if you are interested.


My email is



Thanks in advance,


Jorge Garcia