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bounding box gives sizes 1000 times too big in weldment cut list

Question asked by Rob Edwards on Jul 21, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2014 by Rob Edwards

hello im a newbie


Im using the create bounding box command on a cut list and then using the properties created in a weldment cutlist table in my drawing.

This worked perfect the first time I tried it

coverlats work ok.png

so I was really excited that here was a nice easy way for me to generate a cutting list for all the parts in my assembly.  The next two parts I tried though it didn't work and some of the values are 1000 times too big


solidworks bounding box prob.png

frame not work.png


Ive tried everything I could think of and have searched to the best of my ability but haven't seen anyone else with this problem, maybe its a bug.

hope someone can help, thanks in advance