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    Macro for Ballooning Prints

    Matthew Wagg

      Hello Everyone,


      Our company recently decided to start numbering prints in Solidworks before sending them to quality for inspection, rather than numbering them by hand. As such, I have been tasked with creating a macro to simplify the process for the engineering department.


      After a bit of searching, I was able to find several macros such as "AddFlagsAndExportDims" and "Inspection Notes" on these forums, however none of them were quite what I wanted. Simply put, I just need a macro that places a numbered circle where the user clicks, and then incriments the number by 1 for every click after.


      I managed to cobble together something close to what I need, but have been unable to get it to propery incriment the numbers. I have no programming experience, and very little knowledge of the Solidworks macro API, so any help is greatly appreciated.


      I have attached my work so far, if someone could please give it a look and let me know how to fix it, I would be greatful.


      Again, its almost complete. I just need the numbers to incriment by one each time I click.


      If possible, I would also like to set which number it starts at (ie 3) in case the user needs to start over, or there are additional notes that need to be added to the print. However, this is only a minor concern ATM.



      Thanks Again,

      Matthew Wagg

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          Deepak Gupta

          Welcome to SOLIDWORKS forums Matt.


          Check if this helps: http://www.inspectiongeni.com/product-description/balloon-it-free/


          You might also find this post helpful for your future reference.

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            Matthew Wagg

            Thanks for the info Deepak.


            I've seen both Balloon-It-Free and Inspection Xpert linked in some of the other threads when I had previously searched the forums.


            My biggest concern with Baloon-It-Free is the claim that it "will balloon all dimensions of a given drawing with one click". However I do not need to baloon reference dimensions, bends, and some other features that I may call out. This in combination with needing to balloon the title block and notes leads me believe that the program will not meet my needs.


            I am unaware of what features Inspection Xpert offers, but at the time I do not have approval to purchase any software for this task.


            Overall I wanted to avoid using a third party program if possible, especially given that the macro already works for the most part.


            Again, any help with this issue would be appreciated.