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license and repair issues

Question asked by Lauren Hargraves on Jul 20, 2014

I have a student version for my daughter.  She wiped out her computer that had Solidworks on it (actually a friend did this)  and put Linux on it so I can't transfer the license on line since it is gone from that computer.  So I loaded Solidworks on my computer and it worked fine for a while even though I think the license transfer never happened. I tried to get help from Solidworks, but didn't get an answer that solved this.  Now there is a dll file that is missing.  I think I unstalled some programs that I thought were not related to Solidworks. 


How can I get this to work again?  Do I try to reinstall it?  How can I get my software to be licensed at Solidworks without the official transfer from one computer to the next?


Thanks for you help!