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Lifecycle change does not always change owner

Question asked by Tom Smith on Mar 9, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2012 by Anjani Ojha
I have a vault set up with primary revisions - (dash), A, B, C, etc.. up to Z, secondaryrevision range 01-99, and the lifecycle statuses InDesign, Released, Needs Rework, Approved,and Obsolete.  When docs are first checked in theyare at -.01 and status In Design.

I am having trouble using the vault to do revisions and approvals..the vault software doesnt always do what it says.  When wecheck in new documents, and then change the lifecycle status to Released, the owner becomes the user reviewer. This works fine the first time.  After the reviewer userlogs in and bumps the revision to approve the file, we update ourworking directory file to the A revision  and can makenew changes and check them in again.  The revision at thispoint would be A.01, A.02 etc. with a status of InDesign.  But when we set the status to Releasedagain, the owner does not change to reviewer.


 The lifecycle rules are:
In Design- change owner to <none>, change otherrevisions to Obsolete, next status: <do not change>, allowsecondary revision level change.
Released- change owner to reviewer (an admin user),change other revisions to Obsolete, next status: Approved, allowPrimary revision level change, do not allow return to selected orprevious
Needs Rework- change owner to <none>, change otherrevisions to <do not change>, next status: In Design, allowsecondary revision level change.
Approved- change owner to <none>, change otherrevisions to Obsolete, next status: In Design, allow secondaryrevision level change.

our vault and SW are all at 2007 sp2.2.