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Flow simulation through an axial compressor

Question asked by Karl Andersen on Jul 19, 2014
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For a school project I need to simulate air flow through the first stage of a redesigned axial compressor. The input air speed is at about 300 mph. All the input conditions are basic (60F, 1 atm). The one output that I need is pressure so I can define a pressure ratio. Now I have been reading a lot here and saw quite a few youtube videos on how to make this work. I have tried disabeling the roatating region about the roator and redefining my lids and I have gotten errors ranging from lid placement to pressure openings.


Here are my questions,


1. How can I make a roatating region in this part work?

2. How can I easily define basic input condtions?

     (everytime I define input conditions I notice that I can define about anything, how do I make sure I only set 1 or two condtions)

3. How do I define a fluid region?