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Smart Cable Drawings

Question asked by Danielle Ohallisey on Jul 18, 2014

I've been asked by one of my clients to work in SolidWorks Electrical 2D and am making the adjustment well enough.  Now we have projects/schematics that show all components in our system, accurately connected by cables and wires.  Everything has gone together smoothly but now we need to send cable drawings to an outside vendor to have them fabricated (and in my experience, you need the same type of drawing whether you're working internally or with an outside vendor).

So here's the problem; I can export a DWG easily enough, and just delete everything that isn't the cable then rearrange a few blocks and lines in DraftSight to get a good reprentation of each cable, but my client wants me to do that with intelligibility; they want to do it inside of SWE so that if something changes within the system it will update automatically.  That makes sense to me, but so far I can't find a way to draw, for example, Cable #W0001 both inside the schematic and then elsewhere (at the end of that book or in a different one) and link the two. 

Any ideas?  I have considered and tried using the harness tool, adding only one cable.  But then I couldn't figure out a way to draw the harness and keep it linked so it really didn't add anything to the process.


It's likely that I'm missing something obvious since i'm new to the software.  What do you guys do?