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    Cannot Remove Color from a Subassembly

    Fedja Orucevic



      I am using Solidworks Education Edition 2011-2012 / 2011 SP2.0.


      I have a main assembly that is made of some parts and some other assemblies (sub-assemblies). It seems like a gray color is applied to one of those sub-assemblies (see img1, "Assem_OutterBox") and that overrides the colors of the individual parts of that sub-assembly.


      If I open that sub-assembly on its own, there is no overriding color and each part has its own color (see img2). This is how I'd like to see it in the main assembly.


      I tried to remove the overriding color (gray) by right clicking on the sub-assembly (Assem_OutterBox), choosing Appearances (beach ball) and finally clicking to the option "Remove Color" (see img3). However nothing happens and my sub-assembly stays gray. Playing with options in Appearances ("Apply at component level" and "Apply at part document level") doesn't seem to help, if anything I can set the override color (left-top half-triangle this time) but it doesn't affect the right-bottom half-triangle. Trying to clear overrides with "Clear Top level overrides" doesnt help either.


      Other subassemblies that do not have the right-bottom half-triangle show part colors as they are defined in individual parts.


      So the question is: how to remove the color (i.e., right-bottom half-triangle) from the top level sub-assembly?

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          Jeremy Feist

          any color set at the assembly level would be shown in the upper triangle only. those lower triangles mean SW is getting the color from that component (part or sub-assembly).


          I would check for extra display states and/or configurations in the sub-assembly.

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              Fedja Orucevic

              Thanks for your answer Jeremy. Following your hint I went to the "DisplayManager" (Beach-Ball-like tab in line with "FeatureManager", "PropertyManager" etc...) and found a list of different appearances/colors applied to each Face/Feature/Part (see img4).


              There indeed is a gray color applied to the whole sub-assembly "Assem_OutterBox". The most intuitive thing to do would be to right click on the "color<30>" and choose "Remove Appearance". However nothing happens when I do that. On the other hand, I am able to remove appearance of every other "Part" in the same way, just not the one that bothers me.


              What worked finally is to expand the tree under "color<30>", select the part "Assem_OutterBox" with left-button-click and use the keyboard "delete" button to remove it.


              While I am happy that I managed to remove this appearance, it really seems bizarre that it cannot be done via "Remove Appearance" option neither from "FeatureManager" nor from "DisplayManager". Again all other appearances can be removed that way. I am not convinced that such behaviour was intended in the first place (bug?) but then at least I can move on with my design.


              Thanks again for your hint.