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    jeff nguyen

      Need help interpreting this part for simulation xpress.  I was able to do the animation, but cannot recognize what force/pressure does it take for the material to start

      deformed.  Thanks in advance.

          Nicholas Luyster

          Hi Jeff,


          The factor of safety plot is what you'll  want to look at.  The factor of safety plot defines the ratio of the stress seen in your part to safe stress as defined in your model.   If you sign up for a free account, at gosimulation, the first two lessons are free and they should give you the foundation for understanding your results.  Let me know if you have any troubles.


          All the best,


          Nick Luyster


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            Jared Conway

            hi jeff, not sure i understand your question here.


            generally from a simulation perspective you either:

            1. input a force and the output is the displacements (how it deforms), inherently you know how much force it takes to displace the part because that was your input

            2. input a displacement and then output the displacements and how much force it takes to create the input displacement