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Issues getting a "clean" sketch from an imported .dxf | .dwg file

Question asked by Lenny Dichiara on Jul 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2014 by Kelvin Lamport

Hi All -

I am trying to reverse engineer a detergent bottle - I have an acrobat drawing file that was converted from a Solidworks drawing - but unfortunately I cannot get the native part file so I have to rebuild this using the profiles I have to recreate the surfaces. I am running into a big issue when I import the .dxf | .dwg files becuase they are coming in with stray points that I can't delete once they are imported - and I am going in and cleaning these up and simplifiying the vectors in illustrator to get them as basic as possible. Has anyone experienced this and is there a workaround?


I am opeing the acrobat in illustrator

Cleaning the file from stray points, etc...

exporting to .dwg and .dxf formats

bringing the drawings in as sketches.


the other issues with this is when these come in they are not centered on the origin and I have to move them with the move tool and manually position them but this is proving to be quite cumbersome (lots of curves and splines) that shift position if I am not careful.


Any help or advice is appreciated.