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    Move face command - limitations?

    Nisha Ku

      Are there any limitations to using the move face command? I am asking because I am unable to move/rotate a face/faces saying that "Failed to move face(S) by specified parameters... Try redicing the specified distance/angle..." I do not understand as to why I am unable to move the 3 faces or even 1 face. The part is available here. I was hoping to move the 3 faces so it wont intersect with the front surface and then fill the gap between the surfaces. Can some one help me achieve this goal, where I have a back surface that does not intersect with the front surface? Ideas/Suggestions if any?




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          Chris Dordoni



          I assume you are trying to use Offset, rather than Move. If your need is to actually produce a shell, you should use the "Thicken" (under Insert/Boss Base/Thicken)


          The Thicken command fails for the same reason as Offset. The minimum curvaure is smaller than the offset or thickness you want.


          You need to rebuild the boundary curves so the minimum curvature is greater, and it might also help to add another boundary curve in at least 1 direction for better control.

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            Kelef Man

            hei'ya Nisha,

            not too sure where you want to get to,

            but, if you see the att-prt file,

            I've edited sketch15 and sketch16,

            to be able to do this you must delete

            the "on edge" relations that will restrict

            any attempts to move them off of edge

            you probadly need to "simplify splines" also,

            you can reduce to the minimum and then add

            points to control it as you need-


            hope this helps- have a good'n kelef

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