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Can't Open Photoview 360 - SW2014 Network

Question asked by Adsys Controls on Jul 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2014 by Adsys Controls

I've been attempting to open an assembly in Photoview with our office computer and have had no luck in getting it to work. The add-in has been installed and started correctly (photoview menus shows in toolbar) and after clicking on either preview window or final render the cpu will spin for a bit while it tries to start up photoview. After that it will just go back to running as normal and not open the photoview windows. I have checked and unchecked the "run in software OpenGL" option in the preferences, and nothing changes.


Is there minimum hardware/software requirements for photoview to open? I haven't found much other than a list of recommended graphics cards, but I don't believe this is a graphics card issue. I've had photoview running on a personal PC in the past with a low-grade integrated Radeon video card. Granted it was slow, but it at least opened the photoview window and allowed me to render.


We're running a 3.4GHz i7 with 12Gb of ram and a 1Gb AMD Radeon HD 6450 video card. Any ideas?


Updated Info: we are running this off-site from our server and VPN'ing in to collect the license. On the same network as the server we can just grab the license by just starting up SW and enabling the add-in, but on a VPN network when we're away from the server LAN, the only way it will work is if we "borrow" the license first using the license manager. Not sure what the cause is.