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PDMWE Workflow States

Question asked by Tim Turpin on Mar 8, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2007 by Tim Turpin
Using the following workflow states - Eng Design, Submit for Approval, Released. Seeing a PDMWE design limitation, bug or improper usage. The following scenario describes issue:

Created Assy Z which contains part A, B and C. Checked all into vault with states set at Eng Design.

Next bumped state of B to Submit for Approval. All else remain in Eng Design.

Next check out Assy Z. Unable to. Warning message appears next to B stating can't check out due to state.

Issue - I don't need to check out B and understand that I can't as it is not in appropriate state. However, this should not limit me from checking out Assy Z with all parts (A, B, C) read only. Additionally, any assy that contains part B can no longer be checked out. All can not be checked out until state of B changes to Released or back to Eng Design. Submit for Approval state is needed.

Is this a PDMWE design limitation, bug or improper usage? Please explain your response. Any thoughts to for a work around?

Thanks, Tim...