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    PDMWE Workflow States

    Tim Turpin
      Using the following workflow states - Eng Design, Submit for Approval, Released. Seeing a PDMWE design limitation, bug or improper usage. The following scenario describes issue:

      Created Assy Z which contains part A, B and C. Checked all into vault with states set at Eng Design.

      Next bumped state of B to Submit for Approval. All else remain in Eng Design.

      Next check out Assy Z. Unable to. Warning message appears next to B stating can't check out due to state.

      Issue - I don't need to check out B and understand that I can't as it is not in appropriate state. However, this should not limit me from checking out Assy Z with all parts (A, B, C) read only. Additionally, any assy that contains part B can no longer be checked out. All can not be checked out until state of B changes to Released or back to Eng Design. Submit for Approval state is needed.

      Is this a PDMWE design limitation, bug or improper usage? Please explain your response. Any thoughts to for a work around?

      Thanks, Tim...

        • PDMWE Workflow States
          Tim Turpin

          We do have the permission set to 'not allowed to ignore warnings'. We could change that setting but would rather not, may be forced to though.

          Any other suggestion or thoughts regarding whether this is by design, limitation, bug or improper usage?

          Thanks, Tim