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When will Solidworks Installation manager finally stop screwing up Administrator profiles

Question asked by Asdf Bayerdorffer,Asdf on Jul 16, 2014

This is a rant.


I've been dealing with this issue since at least version 2008. Each year I keep expecting it to finally be fixed.


It's NOT.


In today's computer environment, best practices are to NOT give your users Administrative privilages.


The Solidworks Installation Manager requires Administrator privilages to run. Fine, that is acceptable and also a good practice.


What is NOT good is that all the install settings, user settings etc. for Solidworks and the Solidworks Installation Manager are stored in the Administrator Profile!


For example, when installing Solidworks on a new system and you pick C:\Solidworks Data to install the Toolbox in.


You then log in as a normal user to use Solidworks, and tell it to use the EPDM vault to store toolbox.


Then when doing a Service pack upgrade (You once again have to run the Installation manager as an Administrator) it can NOT find the toolbox. Because it's looking for the settings in the Administrator's Profile!


Your only solution is to do a Run As Administrator on Solidworks, and then change the setting AGAIN there.


When is Solidworks going to get the Installation Manager to understand Administrator and NON-Administrator Profile issues during install.


Seriously this is not 2003 with everyone running Windows XP as an Administrator. I've had enough!