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rolling an arbitrary set of sheets

Question asked by Naftali Herscovici on Jul 16, 2014
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I am an antenna engineer. I use to generate models for other tools such as HFSS, CST and FEKO (electromagnetic simulators).


I need to "roll" a set of objects which consists of two planar dielectric substrates, of which one face has an arbitray pattern.


By "rolling" I mean, say take a newspaper and 'rolling' it into a kind of spiral.


Please find attached a picture of the pattern. It is printed on the internal face of one substrate.


What I need to do I roll the whole thing around the vertical axis on the contour of a spiral in the perpendicular plane (with respect to the plane of the picture.


Note: just adding the picture as a picture  won't do it. I need the picture to be an a sheet object. I have the point coordinates that define the contour.



Please advise