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Can't make a cut on a face with a abnormal shape because of zero thickness geometry

Question asked by Thomas Davis on Jul 16, 2014
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Hello, I am currently remaking a solid design from a already cut out design of a base for a new machine. The design needs to be remade with a few extra parts but majority of it is a redesign because the person who had the software for the design lost it. So, I basically have to remake it from the machine. I am almost done except I ran across a error that cannot be solved because of the zero thickness geometry error. I am new to solidworks and overall cad design and can't make a cut that is needed.

Another problem that occured is when I actually try to make the extruded cut it makes a double shape of the actual shape I need. I assume it is because of how I designed the shape (with lines and points) but I can't figure out how to fix that either.

This is the shape with the selection of the shape highlighted.

Screenshot (1).png

This is the problem with the cut having two L shapes when it should only be one. I actually want to make a cut with those two lines being the point to start and spot and even making a cut on the circle between them.

Here is another angle of the shape:

Screenshot (3).png

Any tips on how to make the cut would be amazing. I know it is possible because the shape was created using solidworks and 3D printing, I apparently haven't taught myself enough solidworks to know how to fix it yet.