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Mixed Mess : Option to Choose for

Question asked by Devi Prasad Samal on Jul 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2014 by Jared Conway

Hello Guys,


I have a question. I have been working on simulation for some time. But when it comes to Mixed mesh I am always little bit confused. Let me write down my queries. Below is an simple example of mixed mesh study. Hope it clarifies all boundary conditions.

Mixed mesh Study.png

Now There is 2 method I know for mixed mesh. Top part is a surface and bottom is a solid. Both are 10 mm thick. Now if I want to run the analysis, best way is : surface should be at a distance of 5mm from the top of the solid face as when i want to apply thickness it would be both side 5 + 5 mm = 10mm.


Result is below.

result 1.png

Another method is surface should coincide with the solid face. there is no gap between them. And from the result we can see tha the stresses are coming approx same.


result 2.png


Now lets see the solid model result.

solid result.png

Now for top 3 different cases, though the stress are aprox similar, but the Plots are kind of different. So Please let me know as we are sure that solid mesh is perfect solution but which is the best option to choose for mixed mesh.


I always go for connected surface and solid face. As bonding option is automatically taken when two faces are coincident. But the issue with it is whole strcuture height changes.


But in case of  distant faces, we have to provide manually contact option but structure height remain same. So please let me know ur suggestion.


Also when we use bolt connection between this kind of arrangement i always get this warning message, should I ignore that. Please advice.

bolt warning.png


Thanks in advance.