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making a can with forming tool

Question asked by Filip To on Jul 16, 2014
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I have a problem related to sheet metal part using forming tool:

1. I created a circular sheet metal base flange of 4 inch diameter

2. I created a circular forming tool of diameter 4 inch with thickness of 0.25 inch

3. I drag the forming tool onto the sheet metal, make them concentric and created the part. It is like a cylinder

My problem:

I need to create a single louver (like a boss notch./bump) on the side wall of the cylindrical part so that I can create a lid to lock with the cilinder later.

how do I accomplish that?

I could not use another forming tool to make the bump on the flat base flange and then apply the circular forming tool I made in step 2 because it will not allow forming tools to overlap on each other.

Thanks In advance