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Question asked by Steve Muhlhauser on Jul 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2014 by Bernie Daraz

I haven't had much of an issue until today. Usually I use my k-factor calculator to figure out my bend allowence but I'm using a heavier gauge and am at a lost.


For a shop drawing and part file that I'd send to waterjet lets say I had a 48" x 96 base and wanted to add a one inch flange on the sides, I've always done this with my kfactor calculator and it always gives me a flatt pattern of 48 x 98, based on our shop standards and the dye we use which is a KNIFE DYE so I'm told to never add any material to flatt patterns and since the knife's dye radius leaves a fraction of radius it's within our tolerances, simple enough and this has always worked..


Today I went to use 10GA stainless and it keeps adding a 1/16" or even an 1/8 to my flat pattern flanges and is becoming annoying.



See picture attacthed.


On the front view the middle dimension (the base) should match my flat-pattern's middle dimensions but they're beyond off.


Its not an extremely big deal because I can just make a simple 2D dxf of what I want it to be but that's the easy way out so if someone can explain what I'm doing wrong or guide me in the right direction that would be awesome.