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Solidworks Licensing - Is there a global option

Question asked by David Crockett on Jul 15, 2014

I know Solidworks has the various regions in which a user must be in to purchase/use a license.  My company has facilities in all 3 regions.  We are currently just doing engineering and solidworks in the US but we have looked into expanding more of our engineering from our home office out to those various regions.  We contacted resellers for prices for licenses in those areas.  The prices we got back for just a few licenses (1 in Europe and 3 in Asia) were really high.  Is there a higher level of licensing that would allow a user to be anywhere in the world and access a SNL?  If we have to shell out a ton of money for just a few users in Asia and Europe then it would make sense to pay a little more if everyone in our company could get the benefit of it.