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small gaps - edge continuity - model accuracy...?

Question asked by Nathan Rollins on Jul 15, 2014
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Hi again,


I am doing really well at keeping my calm - for now.  Not so well in understanding what happened, why things are bad and how to fix them...  The deadline is approaching.


I have some 3D sketches I made that are simply converted from a surface's edges.  From these 3D sketches, I created a loft.  I changed some dimensions in some parent features - nothing too drastic - and now the edges of thparent surface are not continuous.  The 3D sketches do not fail, but they no longer satisfy the Loft guide curve criteria.  SWX is showing gaps of .004mm and refuses to create my loft.  The vertices in question are the result of a surface that was knitted together and then trimmed with an extruded surface. These edges should be tangent, but I am unable to select them using any tangency selection.  Zooming in on either the surfs or the curves does not show the gap.  I have tried recreating the curves and lofts - no luck.


My thought is to lower the model accuracy so that a .004 gap looks like a connection (a hacker's technique from another CAD package) - I wonder if that is a possibility in SWX? 


I tried to create a composite curve to use as my guide curve - but of course there is technically no continuity - according to SWX - so that doesn't work either.  From a geometry perspective, the edge in question did not change at all (dimensionally)  Obviously, if you ask the software, something DID change mathematically... Just wish I knew what.


And I wish I knew better how the selection manager worked.  It LOOKS like a useful tool, but it never seems to do what I think it ought to.  Surely a case of operator error.  Any tips there?


Thanks to all for reading...