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    can anybody test this code?

    Klaudiusz Skiba

      Hey I started playing around with hcosting api of solidworks. I took tis solidworks api hel site but it doesn't work..

      If anybody could test attached macro and see if its throwing any errors. If your build is ok please tell me your system set up.

      I get error on line 140:


      Set swCostingMachining = swCostingAnalysis.GetSpecificAnalysis


      My set up:

      Win 8

      SW 2013 SP 3



        • Re: can anybody test this code?
          Klaudiusz Skiba

          I tried a different code from their site and got another error on the same method: getSpecyficAnalysis

          I went to look up if there was any changes from SW 2013 to 2014 with costing but they say nothing changed.

          I included costing library that was specyfied in the preconditions.


          Can anyone confirm if they are getting same errors?