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Need to move multiple files while maintaining links.

Question asked by Justin Dehetre on Jul 15, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2020 by Gustav Rydn

We maintain an independent library of referenced materials for our designs, things such as specialty nuts & bolts, casters, Pems, etc. We had a designer who got in the habit of keeping his own referenced materials library in a folder on his computer. Now I'm tasked with moving all of his files to our network library. As it stands, it's taking a very long time to select parts one-at-a-time, let SolidWorks Explorer search for components that reference it, then move it. I've already told SolidWorks Explorer to narrow it's search to a few specific folders, but there's still a lot of files in those folders to search. I don't mind it taking a while to do it's search, but I'd really like if I could have SolidWorks searching for several parts at a time so I don't waste so much time monitoring that computer for progress while I try to get my own work done. If there is no clear way, I may end up just doing what I can before the new designer starts next Monday, then just cut and paste everything that's left and have him re-establish links as he needs them.


Thanks in advance for any help!